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“ Life education is my motivation ”


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Hello Loves,

My name is Milana.

Firstly, I am a mother and this has been the most grounding practise of all.

I have travelled the World in search of happiness. Never sticked to one place, yet never is a long time. I wanted to see it all!

I have travelled the Work. Long and consistant, yet always from my heart. Always is a long time, indeed. What about my heart’s hottest desire to keep it that way forever?

I have lived a life of a coorporate employee, though extremely short.

Of a dancer, feels like forever.

Of a yoga trainer, married to this one.

Of spiritual intelligence coaching. What’s that anyway? Key words: psychology, esoterics, meditation, self love and all that goodness of yours that is within.

We’ll meet where we are and inspire one another to walk our paths heartfully.

You are all well, you are all Love.

SU MEILE, Milana

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I am really happy for participating in YTT at Milana Yoga studio. Trainings were very well balanced between theory and practice.I gain a lot of knowledge, expanded my view and skills of yoga. Milana knows best ways how to teach different topics in interesting and informative manner. Thank you for such amazing experience, powerful tools to come back to inner self, new insights about yoga and myself and of course for new friendships!


My experience with this yoga teacher training was absolutely amazing. The teacher was highly professional, and her expertise and dedication was evident throughout the program. Teacher created a nurturing and inclusive environment, fostering personal growth and providing excellent guidance. This training was truly transformative, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a remarkable yoga journey.


Choosing Milana Yoga studio for teacher training was truly the best decision I ever made for myself. The program is very thorough, detailed, it included both theory and practical part, which made it easier to understand of how to move a body, act while teaching others, the meaning behind every asana family, etc. I have learnt not only the basics and introduction to yoga, but also it was such a transformational journey, which changed my life for better. Of course, the main reason for such a positive experience - our trainer Milana Jasinskyte, who took care of the group with an open heart from first till last second of the course. Milana is an expert in the field, professional, has lots of knowledge, experience and willingly shares that with her students. I am beyond grateful to Milana Yoga for this opportunity and proud to become a certified yoga teacher, a member of Yoga Alliance community.

Lina B.

A warm and welcoming experience where people of various origins meet and empower each other.


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